2nd Month Blog with Purpol Marketing Charlotte Keki

Posted on October 1, 2021 by Categories: Uncategorized

I cannot believe I am already in my 2nd month with purpol, it has gone so quick. I have really enjoyed my past few months and it just keeps getting better, I have learnt so much from when I last wrote my first month blog.

We have just completed our first chapter on the Net zero course and now we are waiting to put that all together and start recording it all, I got to create a slide to do with the tax of Net zero so when I found out all the information that I need to put into it which was really interesting. This was great because I had my own little bit in the course, and the team I am in is so great and helped me when I needed it.

I have just finished reading Denise’s book Winner which was so interesting and it really helps you if you want to win awards with in your company so I would definitely recommend. I am now currently on the better way to bid course, I have already learnt so much from that and I think it will help people a lot if they ever want to try and win awards for their business.

The live webinars are great also they go into so much detail but this will help if you are like me all new to this and want to build your career or even if you need help to make your business better. I have recently just finished my better way to bid course which is on the purpol academy and I can honestly say that this was so detailed and so interesting and will help to better your career.

We have also now started a new project to help a recruitment company called CMD recruitment, to help advertise there company so I have just completed a Facebook advert to help and this was so much fun to create and to be able to design it myself this was on Canva which this website is really good to help you design this.