Bronwyn Jesse – week 6 of internship at Purpol

I cant believe I’m writing a round up of my sixth week at Purpol already. As always, this week has been another busy one at Purpol.
The week started with a group meeting in Chippenham, which was great to catch up with everyone and hear about what all the different interns have done over the course of the month. We used this time to all present our different ideas for direct marketing campaigns which we will roll out to promote our new online Magnificent Marketing Campaign. This was a great exercise set by Denise and Gavin to see the diversity in everyone’s approach. From this collaborative process we were then able to take strengths of everyone’s different tactics and use this to come up with a master strategy.

This included Robbie’s #beMagnificent tagline and Jordan’s subliminal message, all of which you are will see on Purpol’s social media activity over the next few weeks. The greatest lesson I learned here was the process of putting yourself in the customers shoes and being able to walk yourself through the customer journey, and use this order and layer your message, with an appreciation for how the client will read the message. Upon learning this, I was able to craft a MailChimp ordering the information in a way that is most likely to grab the attention of the reader.

This week I have also been working on various different award entries. To do this, I had to get beneath the company, and develop an understanding of how we operate in an innovative way, and the way in which we are different to competitors. This was a great exercise to do as I was able celebrate how far Purpol have come since their start up in 2014, and all that has been achieved to date.

I have also written a few press releases this week to continue to raise Purpol’s profile. PR is a free way to shout about the amazing things your business is doing, and raise some human interest in your brand. Not only have Purpol partially sponsored a local Chippenham pupil in his expedition to Kenya to do some work within the local community, but Denise O’Leary and Alison Edgar have also been shortlisted in the final for Forward Ladies National Awards 2017! Forward Ladies, sponsored by HSBC, is one of the country’s leading organisations for the promotion of women in business, and the National Awards have become one of the most high profile and respects accolades for women. I am delighted for Alison and Denise, the ‘Pink and Purpol duo’ to have been shortlisted and wish them the best of luck with the finalist being announced in September!