Entrepreneur celebrates milestone birthday by giving all employees day off as ‘do something good day’

Posted on October 14, 2021 by Categories: About Purpol Marketing, Community, Intern, Marketing, Mentoring, PR

Chippenham based business Purpol Marketing founder Denise O’Leary recently celebrated a milestone birthday by giving all her employees a paid days holiday so they could do something that made them feel good.

Purpol’s 60+ employees were able to choose what they wanted to do with the day and supported various charities, took time to connect with others and supported their own mental health.

“The stories of what everyone has got up to have been very uplifting” said Denise, I have had all sorts of messages some of my favourites are below:

“Yesterday a lovely elderly lady showed myself and my partner a lovely new waking route to take our dog on as we have just moved house and don’t know the area very well, so we decided to drop her off a little Package of goodies for her and her dog to say thank you.”

“For ‘Do Something Good Day’ I donated some money/sponsored a family member who is walking a marathon for charity!”

“ I Just wanted to let you know what I did yesterday for ‘Do Something Good’ day. I helped my sister out around the house and I also I reconnected with an old friend that I haven’t talked to in a while.”

“My act of kindness/ good deed for today was giving a random stranger a compliment.”

“ I saw my old work friends as I couldn’t have a leaving party due to covid when I left my old job it was great thank you so much!”

“For ‘Do Something Good’ Day I donated some money to the Afghan Women’s Fund.”

“You’ll be happy to know for my good deeds today I’ll be donating to the NSPCC as well as aiding my grandparents with some gardenwork that needs doing. Wishing the best today.”

There were lots of family celebrations too:

“I took my nephew out to experience his first funfair and treated my family to dinner.”

“I celebrated my mum’s 60th birthday.”

“I attended a friends graduation.”

“I bought a gift for my boyfriend.”

“I helped my Mum with gardening.”

Denise commented  “I loved the variety of experiences that the Purpol employees had – what a great way to celebrate my 50th Birthday with people across the country doing what makes them feel good.

I also managed to get a Purple Lamborghini – as a cake!”