The first week of my Purpol placement by Bronwyn

Posted on June 17, 2016 by Categories: About Purpol Marketing, Marketing

This week I started my summer internship at Purpol Marketing.

As a marketing assistant I have been getting stuck in with lots of varied tasks this week. I had my first go at writing a press release on behalf of a client, and practised writing an award entry. Next week is set to be equally as diverse, meeting a market research client, helping them to develop their marketing strategy and we’ve nearly finished the data entry to form a client base. We will then be able to send out a media campaign shortly, introducing bid management courses which I look forward to helping with.

It’s been great to finally apply my business knowledge from my degree thus far to real life employment, and I’m sure this will work vice versa in my final year, drawing in on experiences from my time at Purpol.

This week has been a learning curb, adjusting to a homeworking methodology. I’ve been utilising systems such as One Drive and Outlook in order to stay connected with Denise and work on projects together whilst in different locations. I’ve also been finding ways to work at home whilst not in an office-environment. To stay focused I’ve set myself internal deadlines in order to self-motivate when working independently.

Bronwyn with Purpol pens 2

Overall, I’ve had an exciting first week as an introduction to marketing, which has been made much more enjoyable working with the Purpol team. Denise has gone above and beyond to settle me in and make my placement more rewarding, and her enthusiasm for the company and hardworking nature has been infectious! I also look forward meeting and working alongside Gavin next week.