My First Month At Purpol -Kickstart Jack Watkins

Posted on August 13, 2021 by Categories: Uncategorized

What have I learned?

I have learned so much about marketing in the last month with dozens of educational webinars from people who have been in this field for many years, to research on current events and problems we face in the world like Net Zero, and how we need to change how we use and produce electricity and reduce our carbon footprint faster than we ever thought by 2030 at the latest. I also have learnt about making whitepapers (Had no idea what was before joining Purpol) which is in detail an educational type of writing which typically comes from an authority on the subject in question but can be written by anyone. Blogs which is a more informal piece of writing that is conversational in nature which is typically regularly updated and run by an individual or small group. Most blogs also have comments available which can allow questions that can be answered in the next blog.

Next is Infographics, these are important as Image based content is typically  more engaging compared to text based posts so infographics are great for your social media for a short and concise way to give your followers useful information. They also can be done in multiple styles and you can personalize them to your own theme of your company so people know it belongs to you just from a glance, this helps build brand image. I also have been reading the book Winner How to win business awards by Denise O’Leary and it has been extremely informative on how to win business awards, how to market yourself and which one is suitable for you whenever it be local, county, national or international. If you aren’t eligible, how can you improve yourself to be capable of winning awards in the future. She speaks from being an award winner herself including best business woman in marketing just to name one and is a judge for the international Stevie awards so you know the book is from a very credible source.

What have I enjoyed?

I’ve enjoyed all the webinars and the knowledge they contain with each one adding to my notes now large amount of notes and each week I feel like I know and learn more and more about social media with how to get visibility, the power of social media and what strategies to use based on your business and the importance of a website and how you can make one work for you. I also enjoy the freedom the Purpol has offered with being able to work at your most productive hours instead of a rigid typical 9-5 schedule and working from home which has offered me and others a very enjoyable and easy way to work compared to having to pay time and money to commute to an office building.

The tasks I do at Purpol are also very great with the ability to show a skillset in writing with all the tasks we do in blogs, whitepapers and research papers, graphic design with use of Canva to make infographic and more later on the course a and of course knowledge in Marketing and Business which I had very little knowledge in before Purpol. Now I know so much more because of this opportunity given. I really do look forward to the new projects in the future as this is just the beginning and the starting month and I know this Kickstarter has way more to offer such as team based projects as everyone who I’ve talked to in the course has been very friendly I’m sure these will be fantastic.