My Fourth Month at Purpol Jack Watkins

Posted on December 1, 2021 by Categories: About Purpol Marketing, Kickstart Tags: ,

What have I learned?

This has been my 4th month at Purpol and each month goes faster and faster next month will be my last full month at Purpol  too. This month I have written a 2500-word whitepaper on Branding which was a long but very educational process with building a brand that is memorable, how to be retold and get into the media and how get customers to relate to your brand. This month has also had more a focus on website building with what programs to use, where to start and how to be professional.

I learned WordPress is the most common but it is okay to start with Wix if you have no html skills on your team and a low budget. Hosting your own site is more expensive but Wix websites do tend to look remarkably similar and you will outgrow it eventually as you become a bigger business.

In the next month I will be learning about marketing trends for 2022 using blogs and infographics and recapping all of what I have learned on the kickstart programme which I will hand in right towards the end of my time in January. There will be the continuation of the group projects I have worked on this month with the Pink Team and the Aqua team.