Week 13 at Purpol Marketing

Posted on September 11, 2016 by Categories: Uncategorised

This week has been an exciting one for Purpol Marketing, as we have applied to trademark the company and also form an alliance report writing for a company outside of our current domain. This will help to expand Purpol’s presence in to fields beyond bid writing and marketing strategy. Joint ventures like this prove to be a great way to further expand the companies’ reach, offering a mutually beneficial skill set, secure in the knowledge that there is support from the other company to facilitate this.

This week I have been looking to create content in relation to the recruitment industry on behalf of a client, concerned with what makes good employees leave. Employees tend to disengage slowly over time, with interest in their job gradually dissipating, referred to as ‘brownout’. Unsurprisingly, a large factor in this is lacking creative freedom within your job role, which can be prevented by engaging employees, allocating time for them to pursue their own passions. Alongside this, it is also important to make peoples work meaningful. Showing employees the bigger picture of their work contribution is likely to make them feel more valued, otherwise employees will look to find a purpose elsewhere.

In between this I have continued to draft award entries to further raise Purpol’s profile and convert Purpol’s content to infographics with more confidence.


During my last few weeks I hope to create more whitepapers and useful content for our direct marketing campaign, but as is with the fast pace of change at Purpol I’m sure there will be an entirely unique agenda!