Week 14 at Purpol Marketing

Posted on September 16, 2016 by Categories: About Purpol Marketing, Marketing Tags: , , ,

This week I have continued to create some more content for Purpol to use in our direct marketing efforts.

For this I have been researching for our newest whitepaper concerned with how to make your customers your greatest form of advertising. Especially amongst online communities, word-of-mouth marketing is becoming increasingly important to incorporate in your company’s marketing strategy, with customers now choosing to favour the opinions of people rather than the voice of a business. For your brand to be seen as a lifestyle, you need to create a lifestyle around your brand and build up a social audience.

Creating a brand ambassador is about identifying people who are more than passive customers. The important thing to remember is that there isn’t one customer profile for your company. As a marketer, you should look to identify the different qualities and needs that could make them willing to act as an ambassador- what other intentions might they have for connecting with your brand?  Here, the difference in customers is the key.

Ninety four per cent of companies agree that personalisation is critical to current and future success, and so your business should therefore look to create a user experience that is dedicated to the users, or at the very least knowing what the customer wants and tailoring your offer according to this.



Going one step further, foreword marketers can now look to link information to a specific stage of your client buying cycle.

With Denise on holiday this is great practise for me to become self-managing and using my initiative to create my own ‘to do’ list. I am privileged to be able to identify my own areas of interest for me to work on in my final week and I also look forward to attending the Bath Chronicle Business Awards next week with the Purpol team. This will provide a great opportunity to network like minded small businesses and celebrate local success within Bath and the surrounding areas.