Week 8 at Purpol Marketing Bronwyn Jesse

The beginning of this week started with me finalising some more whitepapers. This weeks topics were very different to last weeks, looking at how technology is driving the future of direct marketing. From researching this, I took away the importance placed on what businesses can do to continue to individualise their approach to prospective consumers. In order to deliver this individualised marketing, marketers are in need of data on consumers.

However, some people don’t want to feel like their lives have been invaded without their permission, creating a catch 22. Neither can exist without the other, and so the future of individualised marketing is dependent on consumers entering a ‘data contract’. I also learned of the challenges that direct marketers face. We often seek information on adverts and other forms of promotional activity and then continue to buy products and services across multiple channels. According to the Direct Marketing Association 40% of transactions involve multiple devices. The multiple devices consumers are now active on create a barrier for companies who are looking to track individual customers, as it becomes harder to distinguish what was seen where.

I also finalised a whitepaper concerned with how small businesses can find inexpensive ways to promote themselves. This can be overwhelming for those businesses operating on a limited budget, and I enjoyed researching what these businesses can do to improve their visibility and reach without exceeding their marketing budget. These included making sure their website is mobile optimised, using keyword rich content to ensure you rank highly on search engines, encouraging testimonials from existing customers and clients, creating great content and press releases and trialling with Pay Per Click (PPC). This continues to prove the value of creating white papers, not just for Purpol’s benefit in helping with their content creation, but us interns also stand to learn a great deal from this process!

I have also been involved in the more creative side of the business this week, as all interns have been assigned the task to use free online tools to create animated videos in order to market our new online course Magnificent Marketing. This is a great opportunity to get in the minds of our potential customers and determine what we think would be most effective to reach them. I used a website called Raw Shorts, which had great features including whiteboard animations, which I think can have a great impact.

Upon completion of this, we have also been set the task to use promotional channels to design a campaign to market our bidding services. For this I have been looking at the landing page of our website, MailChimp and social media adverts. I look forward to presenting this to the team in a few weeks time, and seeing everyone’s different take on it! I’m sure from this design process we will be able to amalgamate the best features from all our different versions to produce a master campaign, so watch this space!