Week 8 and 9 of my internship by Robbie Warren

Week 8

That’s two thirds of the internship gone by extremely quickly! This week’s focus has been on creating a range of promotional content for Purpol’s bid writing services to discuss at our meeting next week. The creative side of this job is very enjoyable as well as the task in general giving me chance to get to know the bid writing services that we offer as it’s not an area I had explored in depth before. This is an exciting project and I’m looking forward to seeing all the ideas at next week’s meeting!
My other task this week has been completely different and new! I’ve been researching boiler maintenance packages offered by different companies to get an idea of what the market offers for a new client. Not what I expected when I began the week but it was a nice change of scenery!
Apart from that, I’ve been working on my next whitepaper about how to build a stand-out brand. I found this particularly engaging and interesting to research what different people recommend when building a brand. So that’s my short round up of this week, next week it’s off to Chippenham for our third team meeting which I’m looking forward to!

Week 9

To start off this week, I spent the day going over my promotional proposals and my project for our meeting on Tuesday. I did more research and made adjustments to what I’d done. Onto Tuesday, it was the day of our third meeting as interns and so it was off to Chippenham for me!

In the meeting, we discussed what we’d been doing, presented our ideas for the promotion of both the bid writing services as well as discussed our place on the first day of the Small Business 100! It is a great honour to be a part of a company so highly regarded despite it’s small size. It was lovely to see everyone again and see their ideas for the promotion.
The rest of my week has been filled with further research for one of our clients as well as writing a whitepaper on how to build a standout brand. These have both been interesting topics as the research is not something I’ve looked into before and the brand building whitepaper is a topic I enjoy writing about.
Overall, a fun week! It was great to discuss with the others at the meeting what we’re doing next and it’s been an exciting end to the week with the exciting about featuring in the Small Business 100. To celebrate this, we have a free Magnificent Marketing introduction course available, just visit us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook for the details!