Week Two Blog Post – Emily Marks

I’m not sure where the time has gone this week! From the way other people have spoken to me about their jobs, I have always thought a 9-5 job would drag, but for me, I don’t feel like there are enough hours in the day. I fear my time at Purpol is going too quickly!

I have predominantly focused on completing and finishing off whitepapers, finishing off reading the bid writing training and continuing to research the modular build sector – I never realised just how big this industry is and how much they have to offer.

I have found the whitepapers easier to write this week as, having had feedback from Denise on my ones from last week, I know that what I have been doing is right. Having come from an English Literature background, I am new to the topics I have been writing on and so the research has taken some time. However, it has been really beneficial to spend time on the research as I now feel like I know a lot about various areas of marketing, from alternative routes to market to what makes an ideal customer and how to produce a good pitch. I have now written 5 whitepapers and 5 corresponding blog posts and so, considering that less than two weeks ago I wasn’t even sure what a whitepaper was, I am pretty pleased with all I have learnt!

It’s also a good job I have finished the theory side of the training this week as today I have begun to get stuck into an actual bid! I am beginning by reading through an ITT (Invitation to tender) and some drafts of Gavin’s responses to get an idea of what a typical request is like and also how the experts work on, and respond to a bid.

With the whitepapers, bid training, industry research and now a real bid to start working on, I am really starting to understand the role of marketing assistant and also the marketing industry as a whole. I love the fact that, despite being an intern, Denise keeps me updated with everything she is doing – this not only makes me feel like part of the team but also gives me an idea of the amount of hard work her job as the owner of her own business, as well as a job in marketing requires. When I got the internship at Purpol I was hoping that it would confirm to me that a job in marketing is the avenue I would like my career to go down and I can definitely say that it is. I have been enjoying everything I have been involved in so far and am excited for what next week holds!